About Us

About Us

Forever Me Cosmetics is a key retailer of Bomb Cosmetics. We have two stores in Ireland, Galway & Limerick.

Forever Me Cosmetics have a large range of Bath Blasters, Bath Melts, Bath Mallows Creamers & Brulees, Handmade Soaps, Home Fragrance, Essential Oils and many more luxurious cosmetic products.

All products are 100% handmade using the magical power of essential Oils and Natural ingredients wherever possible.



Do we test on animals? Ew, as if. Seriously though, we NEVER have and NEVER will test any of our finished products or ingredients on animals, nor do we employ a third party to do so on our behalf.

& as much as we’d love to extend our Bomb family past the 72 countries we already supply to, we simply refuse to add any country to this list that requires animal testing to be done by law. ‘Cause babe, bunnies R hunnies.

Vegan Friendly? Uh-huh, honey. All of our soaps, candles and potted and bottled products are suitable for vegans, as well as a loada Blasters, Creamers & Mallows. Look out for the vegan symbol on our website

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